What is Christmas 2 Business?

The only exhibition in Lithuania dedicated to business segment with the aim to prepare for the Christmas period: business gifts, organization of events, décor and other relevant festive solutions.


Inspirational seminars where the speakers will share their valuable advice, original ideas and experiences and will address a variety of topical issues related to business gifts, organization of events and other festive concerns.


The participants of the exhibition will introduce business gifts solutions; will invite you to get acquainted with the latest gift trends, to look for individual solutions, to find the right partners for the company’s Christmas celebration, décor of offices and window displays.


This is a magazine-catalogue of Christmas business gifts and services, advice and insights of conference speakers, guidelines of other experts and assistance in planning winter holidays, creating greetings, individually looking for interesting solutions in decorations.

This event is designed for:

For different levels general managers, marketing specialists, managers, administrators, other employees who are interested in business preparation for Christmas.


New! For the first time in Lithuania the best business gift contest ‘Business Gift 2017’ is organized. Everyone is invited to participate: both sellers who create and offer gifts, and the companies which gave presents to their partners, customers or employees.



More news! The culmination of the event – the networking evening– afterparty ‘Kitokiu kampu’ (‘From a different angle’). It is live music, new acquaintances, meetings with partners and, of course, the announcement and awards of the winners of the best business gift contest ‘Business Gift 2017’.


Soon we will have one more – the third – piece of news.

Christmas 2 Business speakers

They are experts in their field who will deliver their presentations about the preparations for Christmas.

Erika Purauskytė

UAB "Menai Renginiai" vadovė

Mantas Kazlauskas

Organizuoja ir veda verslo ir privačius renginius

Aleksandras Golod

Lietuvos marketingo asociacijos (LIMA) valdybos narys, „Telia“ verslo klientų rinkodaros vadovas

Gintaras Kasperionis

Vizualinių rinkodaros sprendimų SPECTO.LT įkūrėjas

Ieva Lapeikienė

Skaidraus verslo iniciatyvos „Baltoji banga" koordinatorė

Domas Steponavičius

Muzikos agentūros "Rootslive" projektų vadovas

Salomėja Normantaitė

Reklamos agentūros TOTEM promo įkūrėja ir vadovė

Rima Olberkytė-Stankus

„Trys seserys“ ir „VMG mokykla“ kūrėja

Jurgita Ribinskaitė-Glatzer

Reach for Change vadovė Lietuvai, Geri Norai LT partnerė

Rūta Čepytė

Įmonių renginių agentūros "Didieji žaidimai" įkūrėja ir vadovė

Ingrida Daunaravičienė

Komunikacijos skyriaus vadovė | Aviva Lietuva


Aktorius, komunikacijos ir improvizacijos žaidimo „GODOPOCO“ įkūrėjas

Rita Bartkevičienė

UAB „Multidora“ vadovė . Įmonių atributika, verslo ir reprezentacinės dovanos

Tatjana Lukoševičienė

Telia Lietuva, AB Vyriausioji juriskonsultė

Doc. dr. Živilė Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė

VGTU Kūrybinių industrijų fakulteto dekanė


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